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Share Your Videos, Your Way

Easily distribute your videos with Screenweave’s flexible sharing options and customizable permissions.

Maximize the reach and impact of your content with tailored sharing settings that fit your business needs.

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Flexible and Secure Video Sharing

Control who sees your content with advanced sharing settings, ensuring your videos reach the right audience every time.

Customizable Permissions

Set videos as public, private, or team-only access, tailoring visibility to match your specific requirements.

Direct Link Sharing

Share ‘public videos’ easily through links, allowing viewers to watch content in a browser without needing a login.

Embedded Sharing Options

Embed your videos on websites or in presentations, expanding your content’s accessibility and reach.

Advanced Sharing Features for Effective Communication

Link Generation for Quick Access: Generate shareable links instantly, making it simple to spread your content far and wide.

Embed Codes: Integrate videos seamlessly into any web page or digital platform with customizable embed codes.

Team Invite Workflow: Streamline how you delegate content generation in your team with an easy invite system.

Optimize Your Content Distribution

Follow these steps to make the most of Screenweave’s sharing capabilities:

Step 1:
Configure Access Settings

Choose the appropriate access level for your video—public, team, or private—to control visibility based on the particular needs of your project.

Step 2:
Share Your Content

Utilize direct links or embed codes to share your videos, ensuring they are easily accessible to your intended audience.

Step 3:
Monitor and Manage Access

Follow up with team members to track of who is viewing your content and adjust permissions as needed to maintain security and relevance.