Screen and Webcam Recording with Screenweave

Record Anything.
Lose Nothing.

Record high-quality videos anytime, anywhere, directly through your web browser.

Empower your organization with Screenweave’s recording capabilities, designed to enhance every stage of team communication.

Start Recording...

Recording Made Simple

Boost your team’s productivity and accuracy by capturing essential communications with ease.

Access Anywhere

Log in through any web browser to access the Screenweave dashboard. Here, you can manage recordings, view content shared by your team, and start new sessions seamlessly.

Capture Your Expertise

Record your screen or use your webcam to capture video. Upload pre-existing videos directly into Screenweave. Whether it's creating onboarding materials, training modules, or facilitating cross-training, Screenweave supports all your visual communication needs.

Save and Store

Automatically save and categorize recordings in your digital library, making retrieval simple and fast for future viewing.

Advanced Recording Features for Modern Teams

HD Video and Clear Audio: Ensure high-quality recordings that are crucial for effective communication and training.

Mobile Compatibility: Record on-the-go from any device, enabling teams to communicate effectively, regardless of location.

Browser-Based: Manage all recording functions directly in your browser—no need for additional desktop applications.

Easily Create Detailed Training Videos

You don't need special training or editing software, Screenweave is quick and intuitive to use. Create high quality onboarding and training videos all from your desktop.

Step 1:
Decide What You Want to Capture

Plan the content and objectives of your video. Outline key points to ensure your video effectively communicates the necessary information and meets training goals.

Step 2:
Simply Hit Record

With Screenweave, start your recording with just one click. Capture everything in real-time, ensuring no crucial detail is missed, from procedural steps to software navigation.

Step 3:
Save, Archive, and Share

Once recorded, easily save your video within Screenweave’s secure cloud storage. Archive it for future access or share it directly with your team or new hires to facilitate ongoing learning and reference.