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Efficiently manage your video content with Screenweave’s advanced curation tools.

Streamline your content management with customizable playlists, intuitive navigation, and flexible sharing options designed to enhance accessibility and organization.

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Simplified Content Management

Organize your videos into structured playlists that are as easy to navigate as they are to customize.

Improved Playlist Creation

Easily create and manage your playlists with a streamlined navigation system. A user-friendly drop-down menu lets you handle everything from one central location.

Subscribe to important playlists

Quickly find the playlists you want to keep up to date on and pin them on your sidebar.

Variable Playlist Views

Adapt your playlist interface based on your role. Administrators gain access to detailed views including analytics, while viewers experience a simplified, sequential playback interface.

Advanced Features for Efficient Video Curation

Customizable Sharing Settings: Tailor playlist visibility with control over who can view or interact with your content, ensuring the right audience has access.

Collaborative Playlists: Collaborate with team members on shared playlists to enable collective input and updates.

Dynamic Content Request Integration: Directly request new videos to be added to playlists, streamlining the content update process.

Master Your Media Library

Maximize the efficiency of your video library with Screenweave:

Step 1:
Set Up Your Playlists

Begin by creating playlists tailored to different needs or projects. Customize permissions and settings to control exactly who has access and visibility.

Step 2:
Organize and Curate

Add videos to your playlists based on topics or themes. Use the video-playlist categorization feature to easily put videos in the right place right when you publish.

Step 3: Share and Collaborate

Determine the appropriate access level for each playlist and share them with stakeholders or team members as needed.