Secure Your Videos with Screenweave

Secure Your Content with Confidence

Control your business knowledge and propriatory information from unwanted eyes.

Ensure your videos remain private and secure, providing peace of mind knowing your content is only being used by intended audiences.

Start Securing...

Comprehensive Content Control

Enjoy complete control over who views your content with Screenweave’s straightforward privacy settings.

Private by Default

All videos are hosted privately on Screenweave unless explicitly set to public access, ensuring your content is shielded from unintended viewers.

Custom Access Levels

Dictate who can view your videos by setting them as public, private, or team access, aligning with your specific sharing preferences.

Secure Sharing Links

Share your content confidently with secure links that prevent unauthorized access, ensuring only your intended audience can view your videos.

Tailored Security for Your Peace of Mind

Controlled Visibility: Fine-tune who can see your videos with customizable visibility settings.

No External Scraping: Rest easy knowing your content won’t be scanned or scraped by third-party AI platforms, protecting your intellectual property.

Link Revocation: Easily disable sharing links to withdraw access at any time, maintaining control over your video distribution.

Maintain Strict Content Security

Follow these steps to ensure your video content remains secure and controlled:

Step 1:
Set Your Privacy Settings

Decide on the privacy level for each video, choosing from public, private, or team settings based on your need for control.

Step 2:
Share with Confidence

Use secure sharing links to distribute your content, knowing that only authorized viewers can access your videos.

Step 3:
Monitor and Adjust

Regularly review who has access to your videos. Revoke or adjust permissions as necessary to maintain security.