Edit with Screenweave

Easy Edits, Quick Cuts.

Refine and perfect your videos with Screenweave’s intuitive editing tools, no prior experience needed.

Elevate the quality of your business communications with built-in, user-friendly video editing tools designed for everyone.

Start Editing...

Simplified Video Editing

Cut out your silent starts and awkward endings. Make professional videos with just a few clicks.

Built in Editing Features

All editing features are built right into the Screenweave interface. No need for additional software, licenses, or training.

Don't Miss a Beat

Once you finish recording a video, simply enter into the editing window, drag the interactive sliders to trim unwanted video from the start and end of your video.

Don't Forget a Thumbnail!

In the editing window, select the perfect thumbnail image from your record video by simply dragging the video playhead to your desired image frame.

Powerful Editing Features at Your Fingertips

Interactive Trimming Tools: Trim your videos with precision using intuitive sliders, making it easy to cut out unwanted sections.

Thumbnail Selection: Choose the perfect frame as your video's thumbnail to enhance visual appeal and viewer engagement

Direct Upload and Editing: Upload and edit videos directly in Screenweave, streamlining your workflow from start to finish.

Craft Your Perfect Video

Follow these steps to leverage Screenweave’s editing tools:

Step 1:
Select Your Video

Start by choosing the video you just recorded or select a file that you directly uploaded from your computer.

Step 2:
Customize Your Video

Apply edits to refine your video’s narrative. Use our editing tools to trim any content your dont want to show, select a thumbail, and you are good to go!

Step 3:
Review and Finalize

Preview your edited video, make any final adjustments, and collaborate with colleagues to ensure the video meets all requirements before sharing or publishing.