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Screenweave is content management software for organizations who want to curate, enhance, and distribute video through branded OTT and mobile apps.
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Reach Your Audience Everywhere!

Creating branded OTT and mobile video apps involves many different services and expertise.

Screenweave brings all the elements together into a single service. Allowing organizations to quickly launch and manage their branded video channels across all major platforms.

Screenweave is a content management system that has all the power, convenience and efficiency you need to manage, distribute and promote content across all digital platforms.

Available on:

  • Apple App Store: AppleTV, iPad, iPhone
  • Google Play Store: Google TV, Android
  • Amazon App Store: FireTV
  • Roku

How does Screenweave work?

Upload your content

Screenweave makes is super easy to upload and manage your video assets. We take care of all the details like transcoding variants and storage.

Design your channel

Design the look of your channel and create curated collections of content for your viewers to browse. Use static and dynamic playlists to keep your content organized.

Distribute app

Once you have your channel designed use the Screenweave app to view your channel. Then, have us create and distribute your custom branded app to all the major app stores.

Avaliable on all major platforms

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