Our sales processes are personal. We enjoy cultivating personal relationships with our customers and partners. We want to maintain that connection. We feel that using video is the 2nd best option behind an in-person meeting. Let's use Screenweave to maintain as much human-connection as possible while leveraging our asynchronous work style.

We can use Screenweave for:

Sales Development Reps

  • Personalized Intro Videos
  • Canned answers to common questions
  • "Breakup" videos

Account Executives

  • Personalized Intro Videos
  • Followup with answers to specific questions
  • Moving the sales process along

Sales Engineers

  • Demonstrating specific technical requirements
  • Building a library of standard technical demonstrations

Sales Operations

  • Documenting and demonstrating how to use our specific tools for quoting and order processing
  • Recording and hosting sales meetings for people who miss them

Sales Leadership

  • Explain our sales strategies

We want to use Screenweave in the future for:

  • Advanced embedding so our sales videos are embedded in our Carousel and Cablecast websites.
  • Asking customer questions that they can answer via video